This app contains physiologic and activity data for nearly 7,000 MIPACT study participants from the University of Michigan. To protect patient anonymity, data will only be displayed when 10 or more study participants have the selected combination of attributes. Data is available from the first 90-days of study participation and may be updated at a later date. Visit our MIPACT study website for more information.
Read Instructions First

  1. To build your cohort of interest, adjust the filters as needed.
  2. Selecting more than one condition within a single box will provide you with normative data from participants with either condition.
  3. If you choose to use a second or third “condition” box, you will be provided with normative data from participants that have all of the selected conditions.
  4. Group 1 represents all MIPACT participants included in this dataset and will remain at the top of the results table.
  5. Groups can be compared by clicking . Hovering over in the Group column provides you with the selected characteristics for that group.
  6. Click to download a csv file of the summary health and activity data for your cohorts.

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